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at Schwere Reiter

Mette was there! She even undressed and was talking a lot and moving her body.
In this work 69 POSITIONS she is doing a guided tour through the history of sexuality. starting 1969 and ending nowadays.

I appreciate that she was not hiding behind her love or desire to be naked in front of other people. It seems natural to be naked and in our society we are far too often hiding behind clothes, words, social codes, habits.
Mette is talking a lot in this performance. So perhaps she was hiding behind words, too, sometimes, but at least not all the time. Being naked is an act of revealing oneself. It struck me how strongly she could do that: stand nakedly in front of an all dressed up audience.

The information that the audience received through her talk soon became less relevant.
The focus shifted onto her performativity. Indeed, she is a performer. An entertainer. Mette is strong in standing alone in front of the others. She can move. She has a trained body. And she also can do some special tricks: e.g. transforming into an ugly guy with the head turned 180 degrees. Or shaking her buttocks really quickly and rhythmically or letting a Chinese boding ball roll up and down her spine.


(c) luca hillen

So my bottom line is that 2 hours for a piece is long but ok…I can take it. And then I recommend Mette to present that piece not only in a theatre but really in a museum or a place where guided history tours are more common. Undressing and playing music and dancing would be much more revolutionary in that context! For revolutions are especially needed outside the theatre, aren't they?!


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